Rozel “Derty Rockstar” Alcid is an editorial, high fashion, advertising and lifestyle photographer. His passion for photography finally paid off this year. He’s also worked under several Top Photographers to gain more experienced in the industry. Although self taught, Rozel picked up his first film camera when he was at the age of 12. Since then, he’s never lost his passion for photography. Rozel has worked with top modeling agencies, celebrity stylist, celebrity make up and hair stylist.

With months of online interviews, radio shows, Blog write ups, his work finally got featured in a magazine. Owner Cyrus Webb from Conversations Magazine based out of Mississippi, first contacted Rozel and was a guest on his radio show Conversations LIVE radio. This was the stepping stone for Rozel’s career. If that wasn’t enough, Rozel’s hard work and dream finally came true, when he was hired as the very first Filipino American Editorial Photographer for a U.S. based and U.S. owned magazine,  Fine Success Magazine. He also contributes to Act Like a Child Magazine and The American Gentleman Magazine.

The biggest news this year is that Rozel partnered up with a local photographer Ralph Logan and started their very own Online Magazine, Sucio Magazine.

You can follow Rozel through facebook, instagram, twitter or just hanging out in Los Angeles.






“Through photography, I’m able to express myself without any limitations and without any boundaries”



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