Exclusive Derty Talk! Interview with Josh Mitchell

Sunday – September 02, 2012

Today marks the first day of Derty Talk! and to help me launch this site, I asked my dear friend Josh Mitchell from Wickid Pissa Publicity, and it so happened that today is also his birthday and my very first interview.

I had asked myself repeatedly, what type of questions do you ask someone that has done more than his share of interviews? Just ask him again and maybe he will give you a different answer. Read on…

Interview with Hollywood’s Notorious Publicist – Josh Mitchell – Wickid Pissa Publicity

How did you come up with Wickid Pissa Publicity?

I needed a name that would encapsulate me and my Boston devotion and “Wickid Pissa” is old-school New England slang that roughly translates into “really awesome”.

What made you move to Hollywood and what made you become a publicist?

My personality is suited to the idea of being the ultimate cheerleader for talented artistic ventures.  It is my passion to champion the indie artist to the masses.  I came to Hollywood to maximize the opportunities and excel in the nucleus and hub of the entertainment solar system.

Why is it important to hire a publicist and what are the benefits?

A publicist adds instant credibility and people take you more serious and a good one can lean on trusted connections to generate the ultimate buzz, branding, and coverage.

Why do you think that some people in Hollywood are so fake?

People are fake everywhere.  In Hollywood it is sad but you kinda need to be a little selfish to get ahead and most people are looking for that person that can help them get to the next level.  That sort of tunnel vision can come off as ingenuous but I’ve met a lot of ambitious performers who know how to thread the line and build legit and substantial friendships.

We’ve talked about this before and you have always been straight forward when it comes to business. How do you keep yourself away from that?

I think my East Coast sentiments drive me to call it like it is.  Sometimes having a sharp tongue can cut your own throat but I’ve found the raw truth is best for setting expectations.

What drives you to get up every morning and do what you do?

I came to Hollywood with all guns blazing and it is my love for creating compelling and original work that makes me cannonball out of bed every morning.  I love what I do.

Who are your mentors and why?

I never had a mentor in the publicity world.  I created my own show from my experience as an indie filmmaker at the Sundance Film Festival and my company has blossomed organically.

Who is the biggest star you ever worked with?

Besides Derty Rock Star?  I’ve coordinated a host of celebrity gifting suites at top-notch events across the country and have been fortunate to rub elbows with a diversity of elite A-listers.

Who is your most successful client?

I’m lucky enough to work with a plethora of talented people from all different genres – actors, authors, filmmakers, musicians, and brands.  They are all excelling at what they do which is generating stellar content that is true to them.

Name one person in Hollywood that you would die to work with and why?

George Clooney.  I like his classy style and I want to beat him in basketball.

What projects are you working on now?

I’m shooting a big short film called “The Sacred Incense of The Drinking Man” this month.  I cast a few of my clients and I hope to take this to an assortment of top-notch festivals.

What are your plans for the future?

I’m working hard every day to grow my company, generate elite work, and improve myself as an actor, writer, friend, and lover.

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